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Megalos Mourtias


Megalos Mourtias
Megalos Mourtias is a lovely beach with a great view over steep rocks and the island of Skopelos. The beach is covered with flat stones and each end is bounded by steep cliffs. In the turquoise coloured, crystal clear water there is sand almost everywhere, and the water is quite shallow for several metres. Behind the beach there is an olive grove, where you can find shade under the big trees. There are two tavernas on the beach, and beach chairs to rent. You can reach the beach on foot from both Villa Maria and Elias House in about 25 minutes.

Vithisma is a long beach surrounded by dense pine woods on the steep hillside behind. Both on the beach and out in the water there are big stones, small stones and black sand. The beach is little visited. You can reach the beach along earth roads and footpaths from both houses within 30-40 min.

Plakes is a rocky beach which consists of beautiful rock-formations that flatten out down towards the sea. At one spot there’s a very small stone beach. The cliffs form small basins where you can take a dip. There are some big pine trees near by the cliffs where you can find shade. The beach is little visited.

You can find detailed instructions on how to reach the above and many other villages and beaches in the two books Alonnisos on Foot and The Alonnisos Guide.